1 Hour 


You will get to choose from EJ's all new master themes for your activation.

Example theme : "Euphoric Love"...additional themes will be revealed on the call. Once you decide what is perfect for you + your desires, the magic begins...


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Illumination + activation of Union, Hieros Gamos, The Holy Trinity. What Erica Jade coined *LOVE+POWER+CREATION* which is YOU.

This immersion is a complete essence upgrade that will transform your energetics around LOVE, PERSONAL POWER, MONEY, IDENTITY and more!

Best for those excited about being fully immersed in their evolution for a short time and are looking for a personalized + profound experience.

If you're ready to go ALL IN for maximum results, this is the one. 

Includes :

-2.5 hour energy session

-3 weekly Voxer Mentorship Days

- A surprise!


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 1 month, 3 month, or 6 month private client experiences. 


Being YOU. Doing YOU.

My range is vast. I have had the honor of working with top artists, brands, celebs, influencers, industry heads, investment bankers, bishops + preachers, coaches and mentors, spiritual leaders. I've also had the honor of working with everyday people, from all over the world, whose essence is supreme. I am open to working with anyone with whom there is a synergy,  and who loves and values me / my art. 

Includes :

-3 one hour weekly calls each month

-3 weekly Voxer mentorship days each month.

-Private Clients can access our entire collection while working with EJ. All new re!eases + current offerings. EVERYTHING!

If you have any questions, or wish to explore which experience is best for you, please DM Erica Jade. She personally handles all private clients.

You will have a connection chat before your sessions begin.

After purchase, contact EJ directly to coordinate + celebrate! A confirmation email will also be sent to you. 


1 MONTH - $7,000 

3 MONTHS - $20,000 

6 MONTHS - $ 40,000 

*Payment plans available for 3 + 6 month options. All payment options available on the Purchase page. 

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30 mins

Single question focus.

***If you desire more time, or if you have a follow up question, you will have the opportunity to upgrade to a 1 hr session whilst on the call.  


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1 Hour

Art Direction + Muse services for all creative projects, both personal and professional. 

Branding. Content. Film. Music. Marketing. Fine art. Writing. Multimedia. Fashion / Style. Retail. Events. Parties. Retreats.

Any dream you would like to pull from the higher realms into reality.  

*Example of one of my favourite projects shown above. 


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*Due to the nature of this work - there are no refunds.