I just want to express my IMMENSE gratitude to Erica Jade.

Erica you are truly a beautiful soul who has helped me transform to heights I never thought were possible.

If you are ready to live the life of your dreams and manifest everything you desire, work with Erica. Her energy, authenticity, and her knowingness will blow your mind.

Eternally grateful, Erica. Love you.




Erica Jade is the TRUTH.

In the time I've known and worked with her, my whole life has changed. I found Erica just before leaving a marriage that I was very unhappy in. I had lost myself, and somehow I knew in my heart she was the one who could help me.

Almost immediately after our first session, I began to manifest things at a rapid rate, and I started to feel like myself again. And I within one year of working with EJ, I went from being a stay-at-home mom with no income, to having my own successful trucking business.

What I am most excited about, though, is me. My self esteem is through the roof, and men are showing up for me and treating me the way I have always wanted to be treated. Everything is just completely different; words cannot express...

I am so grateful for E. I love her. Her energy, words, style = impeccable. If you have the pleasure of working with her, I promise your life will NEVER BE THE SAME!




Before I started working with Erica, I was waiting for someone to rescue me. Waiting for permission to be seen and heard. Longing for validation of my existence.

Her programs have completely changed my life. I cry as I type this because it's only. been 2 years, and I want things I never wanted before. I do things I've never done before. Even my clothes are different. I've lost weight. I value and love ME...

Any time spent with her online, on the phone, or in person is priceless! I feel so privileged and blessed to be under her tutelage...If you have any doubts on whether you should join her programs, or anything else she offers for that matter, let me tell you... Bae Bae!! You will not regret your decision! The best investment I ever made was in me!!




My time with Erica Jade was nothing short of pure uninhibited magic.

First, let me start by telling you that Erica is not a coach. She is a globally trained expert in the realms of the masculine, the feminine, and sacred union.

She sees and holds you : all of you. In every essence of the word, she's real.

During our journey together, I experienced massive healing around my inner feminine, inner masculine, family wounding, partnership, money, and relationship to God.

I am not even remotely the same person as I was when our journey began...

Working with Erica is not for the faint of heart. It will be one of the most wild, blissful, exhilarating rides of your life and... it will be so worth it.

- Pilar



 What happens when you choose to enter into Erica Jade’s container?

A lot.

There are days I look in the mirror and I don’t recognize the woman I’ve become.
I love the woman I see in the mirror.
Who is She?
She is a full-bodied Queen who sovereignly reigns, with strength and purity flowing from her heart. Her Love is intact. She is intellectually sharp and worries no longer about being “too much,” “too” quick, with “too many” ideas, with “too much” drive and ambition.
She is a playful little girl with a twinkle in her eyes who has an undying curiosity and excitement for life. She loves to explore!
Her heart is sensitive. She cares deeply for those around her and cares about being able to impact her loved ones positively. This is despite still not being able to have a relationship with her mother, which she accepts may be an undercurrent her entire life.
She is everything to herself. She prioritizes herself and is surrounded by people who only want to see her succeed. Her friend circle is small. It is curated to her vibration. She is constantly reminding herself to protect her energy above all else; that hers is most important to maintain.
She is me. I am that woman in the mirror.
I connected with Erica years ago.
I had been suicidal, had just left an abusive relationship or was at the tail end of it, walked away from everything in my life – my career, my bougie apartment in Downtown LA, the perceived “lifestyle” people want.
But it wasn’t what I wanted. None of it felt good to me. I couldn’t live my life like that anymore. I was desperate for change but didn’t know how to make change happen.
The woman I am today would look at that woman from the past and not understand how she didn’t love herself.
Fast forward to today.
Today I am in a beautiful, loving relationship with a wealthy man who tells me I’m his best friend, his lover, his little girl, his **everything**. Admittedly, his devotion to me is something I had to grow into. I probably still am in ways I don’t realize. I am a priority for a man for the first time in my life. A REAL priority. I can FEEL it. I don’t convince myself of this and keep telling myself “Well, but he tells me I’m a priority.” He shows up. He is present. I come first. He puts my physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing first. He supports me taking care of myself. When I’m vulnerable, it makes him hard. I’m never “too much” for him. He wants to give me everything I want and is actively working to do so. I have more respect for this man than I’ve ever had for anyone in my entire life. Of course we’ve fought. We have disagreements. When we’re done, we come back together in love.
I am at the best place in my career I’ve ever been and have become a public speaker. This year I’m on track to make over 300k. I’m driving what used to be my dream car. I say “used to” because now it’s reality. Now I have a passport stamp with more to come in the future. I’ve started taking vacations. I have a scar from being bitten by a monkey on one of them! I’ve run through hurricane rainstorms with my lover while laughing and still feeling safe with him.
If you want to be in love with yourself and in love with your own life, commit to yourself. That’s the only way changes will happen.

Working with Erica has transformed my life in ways that were beyond my imagination and comprehension. My life is like a movie. I never thought life could be this good. Not only do I look forward to my future, but I am so in love with my life.

- Kayla