Your true IDENTITY is the ultimate creative force in your reality.

Your unique essence.

Your  natural~ness

Your way of being.

Your gifts + talents.

Your style.

Your juice.


It doesn’t just create, it create what is PERFECT FOR YOU because it is GOD given and designed.

It creates everything you came for…


YES. I'm so ready!
In my all new program + mastermind group you become both artist and living art.
A masterpiece.
For 6 weeks you will enter an energetic laboratory of excellence where your IDENTITY will be extravagantly explored, designed, and refined.
The more you remember who you are...
 and express who you are... 
The more powerful your IDENTITY becomes, and the more you experience limitless LOVE & POWER.
 You will no longer operate solely based on externals.
 You will stop needing permission to be yourself from anyone or anything - not people, money, business, social media...
 You will stop waiting for people to love you. 
You will stop trying to get what you already ARE.
 And suddenly, you will start to get everything you came for.
Opening up your highest potentials and opportunities. 
Magnetizing and attracting the type of love and romance you've always dreamed of.  
Calling in soul-aligned people to celebrate life with...Friends, family, business, clients, social, collaboration, ect.
Your true IDENTITY places the crown of success on your head, bringing all the wealth and riches you deserve... exceedingly, abundantly, above all you could ask or hope for.
Your true IDENTITY unleashes the beast in you that shows up for who and what you love with a passion and primal fire that you've never accessed before.
It transcends any lies or fear based limitations. 
Living from your creative blueprint, you won't miss what's yours by trying to be like anybody else.


You get to BE YOU  



Tier One

Identity : Iconic Program 

Join your energetically-curated intimate group of woman who are ready to shine together.

~Live weekly Creation Calls - get hands-on help and support manifesting your true Identity.

~Weekly Q & A - get all the help you need to get the results you want.

~Energy Activations - clear and recalibrate your essence and smash through your limitations.

~Embodiments - weekly opportunities to apply your juice and see results in your life.



Payment Plan


 Work directly with Erica to embody your true IDENTITY faster and deeper than ever.


~ Weekly hands-on mentorship calls.

~Daily Voxer chat / voice messages.

~Energy activations designed specially for you and the Glorious Queen that you are.




Payment Plan
Pay in Full

Tier One: Program 

Weekly Live Calls Q+A


The wait is over. Much requested and eagerly anticipated... Our first mastermind is here!!!


Tier Two: Mastermind 

-Identity Program and replays


-weekly 2 hr CREATION call with Erica Jade. Energetics + Embodiments

- group chat features text and voice messages with group members and EJ 


While we will be exploring material from the program in the mastermind, the program is not a requirement. Therefore, you do not need to be caught up with the program to participate in the mastermind calls. However, if you desire a complete transformation or to see major shifts, incorporate both as best you can. The combination is IDEAL because it gives you a complete immersive experience and will definitely compound your results.


Choose which offering you would love to experience and whichever payment option best fits your needs from the links above to start enrollment. Once payment has been submitted, you will receive an email confirmation as well as prompts to create a username + password.

Zoom links for the Live Calls will be given with date + time info. 


IDENTITY Mastermind Payment Options


Pay In Full $5,555
Payment Plan $3,000x2

Program Payment Options


Pay in Full
Payment Plan

Mastermind Payment Options


Pay in Full
Payment Plan

IDENTITY Program Payment Options

Pay In Full $2,222
Payment Plan $1,555x2

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*Due to the nature of this work - there are no refunds.